The Green Revolution In The Automotive Industry Has Kicked Into High Gear

The first year of the pandemic was not a great business year for the automotive industry. The unusual circumstances of the past year resulted in people realizing just how much of an impact everyday life had on our environment. This is one of the biggest factors that led to car sales declining by 15.3% in the US last year. People started looking into more eco-friendly vehicles to counter pollution. Traditional cars’ drop in sales subsequently led to the rise in both hybrid car and electronic car sales. The trend of changing from traditional to electric vehicles is expected to result in the rise of EV vehicle sales, which may account for more than half of all car sales by 2030.  
The trend of the eco-friendly commute is spreading across the world
U.S. President Joe Biden’s executive order to have half of the vehicles sold by 2030 powered by electricity was signed on August 5, 2021, and this is expected to set a shift in the global automobile market. The move has made waves across the globe, compelling other nations to start overhauling their transportation systems to have significantly reduced carbon footprints. The three dominant EV markets — China, Europe, and the US — will soon be matched by other countries willing to join this transition. On the individual level, more and more vehicle owners are looking for alternative ways for their vehicles to become more eco-friendly, even though they’re not driving a hybrid or EV. 
Aftermarket car tech is stepping up to offer affordable ways to go green
The environmentally conscious psyche of today compels many to look for ways to decrease the impact of their daily transport needs. Fortunately, one doesn’t need to go as far as trading in their current vehicle for an EV to do some good for the planet. For example, switching to silica tires and using car ceramic coatings are two novel options used by sustainability-seeking car owners. Switching to silica tires is an eco-friendly way to cut back on rubber by replacing it with silica and reduce fuel consumption by reducing the rolling resistance. Meanwhile, opting for a ceramic coating for cars helps with maintenance by repelling water and dirt. This hydrophobic layer makes it easier to clean the car, rather than wasting water and effort on constant washing and waxing. There are other ways to have a more eco-friendly car, but acquiring either hybrid or electric cars is the most efficient way to help the environment.
Electric cars will play a pivotal role in the automotive market of tomorrow
The rise of hybrid and electric car sales are different despite the trend. According to the Cox Automotive analysis, hybrid cars contributed  to the 106 percent jump in sales of hybrid and plug-in vehicles in Q1 of 2020. The automotive market’s transition is still in its early stages and hybrid car sales are showing the most growth. While electric cars are increasing in sales, hybrid cars are still the most popular at the moment. This is expected to change now that Biden’s EV sales target was announced. 
The move to electric won’t be easy, but it will be for the better. This is likely only the first step towards meeting the fuel needs of our civilization with cleaner, greener means.

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