The Tesla Roadster Has Been Delayed Until 2023 – Here Is Why

Ever since Tesla was introduced, it has brought unique and unprecedented technological solutions for people. It has provided the world with disruptive technology that has taken the automotive industry to the next level. All other companies in the same industry follow its lead ad are able to learn from the pathway taken by Tesla.

It continues to set examples of innovations, efficiency, and success through its new ideas and concepts. Recently, Tesla was working on its latest version of Roadster. This vehicle was supposed to be out soon and take over the market. However, this Wednesday, Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, stated that there have been delays in production and the vehicle will not be ready for introduction in the market till 2023.

Musk stated that there have been issues in the delivery of some objects and these supply chain issues have postponed the work on the vehicle. He tweeted that said, “2021 has been the year of super crazy supply chain shortages, so it wouldn’t matter if we had 17 new products, as none would ship. Assuming 2022 is not mega drama, new Roadster should ship in 2023.”

According to the reports in the industry, Tesla is not the only company facing this supply chain issue. Owing to the shortage of chips, Toyota and Ford have also reduced their production. Originally, Tesla was supposed to launch the vehicle by 2020. It presented the first plans of this latest version in 2017.

The specifications disclosed included the speed of 250 miles an hour, a 200-kilowatt-hour battery pack that would power more than 620 miles of range on a full charge, and three electric motors enabling the Roadster to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 2 seconds (and a quarter-mile in under 9 seconds).

Tesla Roadster production delayed to 2022: Musk

The car was also built to hover above the ground for some time as well. The reservation of the vehicle included an initial $5,000 credit card payment with a $45,000 wire transfer payment due in 10 days.

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