New Report On Electric Vehicles Says That They Are More Eco-Friendly Than Traditional Ones


it is no news that the world is heading towards an appalling energy crisis. This has put massive stress on the existing resources of energy. The demand for energy is increasing with the increase in population and increase in industrial advancement. On the other hand, energy sources that are non-renewable continue undergoing degradation without any hopes of replenishment. This is the reason that companies are finding eco-friendly and green ways to incorporate in their products and services. One of such products is electric vehicles.

The concept of electric vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, not only in the developed end of the world but in the other end of the world as well. A new report has given the final verdict that these vehicles are more ecofriendly and significantly milder sources of pollution than the traditional gas or fuel vehicles.

A white paper issued by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has published that the greenhouse gas emissions made from an electric vehicle in its lifetime are significantly less than the gas vehicles and cars by 66-69 percent in Europe, 60-68 percent in the USA, and 19-34 percent in India.

These are the statistics of research that has been conducted in the preliminary stages of the advent of electric vehicles. By 2030, a massive increase in the gap between pollution caused by these vehicles and the conventional ones is expected. The research was conducted separately in Europe, China, India, and the US. Collectively, they make 70% of these vehicles in the industry.

The main objective of this prospective study and research was to highlight the importance of investing in smart and clean solutions for transportation and commute. Conventional gasoline cars are proving to be a menace to the environment. If correct measures are taken in time, the atmosphere can be saved.


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