Here Is How You Can Make These 3 DIY Bug Traps That Actually Work


Summer brings along the excitement of the backyard barbecues and a whole lot of other outdoor activities. However, summer bugs can give you a real headache and ruin all the outdoor fun. You can readily engineer a DIY bug trap to keep the summer bugs in check.

A plethora of DIY bug traps is available on the internet. But remember, not all of them work as well as they claim.

The bug exterminators at Holistic Pet Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina, explain why these three insect traps actually work:


Image Source: Chris Philpott

1.     DIY Trap for Stink Bugs

The pungent odor of the stink bugs is enough to give you a strong headache. You can easily contrive a DIY stink bug trap by taking a two-liter plastic bottle and cutting off the top 2 inches. Next, invert the neck and glue it such that the neck of the bottle now lies inside the cylinder. Put a small LED or any battery-powered light into the bottle. Put the bug trap in a dim lit area. The light will attract the stink bugs, and you can conveniently get rid of them. The trap works best in the dark spaces of the home like the attics and basements.


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Image Source: Chris Philpott

2.     DIY Trap for Mosquitoes

To rig up a mosquito trap, it is necessary to understand that all mosquitoes are not attracted to the same bait. The two most common species of mosquitoes are Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti. These two can be lured with standing water.

To create an ovitrap, take a plastic bottle and cut off its top. Paint the outside of the bottle a solid black. Next, drill two holes of 3/8-inches each near the brim for overflow. Cover both these holes as well as the top of the bottle with a fine mesh. Secure the rim with a wet cloth. Keep the cloth wet by soaking it daily. Now, fill the mosquito trap with water. The mosquitoes will lay eggs on the mesh. These eggs will fall through the mesh. However, once they hatch and are ready to fly away, the mesh will keep them in check.


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Image Source: Chris Philpott

3.     DIY Trap for Fruit Flies

The fruit flies can be captured with an easy trap. Fill a bowl with a frothy mixture of water and dish soap. Float a smaller bowl filled with red wine vinegar in its center. The fruit flies will be attracted by the vinegar and will get trapped in the lather. Refresh the dish soap twice each day. It takes around three days to get rid of all the fruit flies.


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