Guy Makes An Ice Man’s Hand-mounted Liquid Nitrogen Gun That Turns Anything To Ice

Colin Furze Ice man gun3

Colin Furze is at it again. The guy who just exploded thousands of firecrackers to celebrate his 3 million subscribers has now turned his attention to becoming a mutant with the help of his crazy engineering skills. Remember Ice Man, the mutant from the original “X-men: Eventually Apocalypse” who had a great fight in the end with the Fire guy? Well, Furze was a huge admirer of this particular X-men and has now demonstrated his own freezing powers from the palm of his hand. It is a liquid nitrogen blaster and seems awesome. Here is the video from the mad engineer:

This isn’t the first time he has built an X-men capability though as he has previously built suits of Wolverine, Magneto, and Pyro. But, it wasn’t a smooth ride for him this time around as well since he had experimented with liquid CO2 but soon found out that the gas wasn’t cold enough for the purpose. So, he went on the market for the coldest liquid he could find, the liquid Nitrogen that freezes around -320F. Now with liquid Nitrogen in one tank was hauled on on one shoulder and compressed air-filled tank on the other, all he had to do was to find a way to pump the liquid into the wrist. Now every tubing method he found would freeze around a stream of such supercooled liquid. Eventually,he came to find out that the metal motorcycle brake line did the trick and from there onwards, his ice powers were all but certain. It uses a tilt sensor to engage, so all Furze has to do is raise his hand to freeze his enemies.

Colin Furze Ice man gun

Source: Colin Furze

Colin Furze Ice man gun2

Source: Colin Furze

So, he has his own range of X-men coming up with Magneto, Wolverine and Pyro already there. Would you want to make an X-men team with his tech?


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  1. James Smith Reply

    A couple of problems I see. First, How does he keep from getting freeze burns from the tube on his arm and the palm unit? Next, he must get very close to the things he wants to freeze. If, instead of shooting vapor, he could squirt a stream of liquid N2, it would have more range. Up close, an opponent could simply break his arm to slow his attack.

    Nonetheless, this is a really cool build. (Yes, pun intended)

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