Guy Creates The World’s Largest DIY Nerf Gun That Can Fire Projectiles At 40 Mph

The World's Largest DIY Nerf Gun Goes At 40mph_Image 0

Nerf has already made waves among the fans with its toy guns including the Rival range.

Mark Roper has taken the Nerf gun game one step ahead by creating the world’s largest DIY Nerf gun. He took cue from the Eclectical Engineering to fix a huge foam thrower. The world’s largest Nerf gun certainly fits the description of a Nerf gun.


The World's Largest DIY Nerf Gun Goes At 40mph_Image 1
Image Source: Techcrunch


The Nerf guns use a spring powered plunger that pushes the air out of the barrel upon its release. The DIY contraption of Mark Roper uses pressurized carbon dioxide from a tank to create pressure in another chamber. The pressure in the second compartment can go as high as 80psi and it is all released at once when the trigger is pulled.

The resulting thrust can launch the pool-noodle-and-plunger darts at a whopping 40 miles per hour. The Rival guns by Nerf fire their small projectiles at 70 miles per hour.

You can check out this video to catch the DIY world’s largest Nerf Gun in action:



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