No Electricity? Charge You Phone With Candles Using This Simple DIY

phone charge candle

Yeah, you heard it right. We present you with a cool DIY that will make it possible for you to charge your phone with it. Unfortunately, the average household candle isn’t strong enough for this purpose so we will have to use a bigger one like the one used by food caterers to keep the food trays hot. So, get your hands on such a candle, a USB-drink chiller from Amazon, 1 can of fuel, Single AA phone charger and other wires and attachments needed for any small electrical project and you are good to go. Here is the short video of the DIY from Tinkernut, a Youtuber who teaches us to make cool stuff from old parts:

The basic principle behind this charging device is the First law of Thermodynamics that constitutes that heats flows from a hotter body to a colder one. Now while it is being transferred, we can harness it with the help of Peltier device salvaged from a USB drink chiller. Now the output voltage is 1.5 volts so it isn’t enough to charge a phone. A simple AA battery phone charger can prove useful here as it steps up the voltage from 1.5 to 5 volts and that is what we are going to use here. Afterwards, it is just a matter of simple electric attachments and making a frame for all this arrangement and you are good to go!

The total project costs around $55 so it isn’t financially viable at all and its need may arise very very sparingly and that too as a desperation. I don’t see any situation in which this device could be useful. The purpose of this DIY is to make something different that we can make and enjoy ourselves with. But, something like the Peltier device has a lot of potential applications as a lot of waste heat goes to waste in both the industry and the environment.


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