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Guy Fixed His Macbook Heating Issue By Baking It In An Oven At 170 degrees

A tech guy used the oven to bake his struggling Macbook all brown and well by using his frigging oven. Although it seems mighty stupid and dangerous, it is possible that there might be some rational explanation as to how the Mac got repaired with a trip to the oven. Sterling Hirsch, a programmer for iFixit, a website that gives free-wiki like repair guides and repairs hardware as well. So, he knew what he was doing and not just in a fit of rage, so it is inadvisable that you chuck you Mac into the fire the first time it starts generating problems for you. Hirsch also published his findings in an article dated 29 December with complete details on how achieved it.

According to the guy, he had started noticing heating issues with his Macbook a year before he took the drastic step. He claims that Macbook Pro is notorious for the various heating issues and since he has a tough job that demands a lot from his laptop, his heating issues started escalating with time. He tried conventional techniques like blowing away the dust with the help of compressed air, buying a laptop stand to help with the ventilation and getting a program installed that allows the fans to run at maximum speed at all times. None of this worked for the long-term, and he faced heating issues again from time to time. His Macbook eventually died and wouldn’t start at all. No matter what hack he tried, the computer wouldn’t start, and soon enough he decided to take radical action. He knew that something on the board had been busted. Probably, the soldered joints had heated up and got away from their points. Hirsch believed heating the whole thing might be a good idea as it would force the solders back into their original space.

So, instead of having to send his laptop to a repair lab, he decided to take the matter into his own hands. He took it apart and disconnected some parts from the logic board and covered it with some thermal paste. Now he placed it on a cookie sheet and baked for seven hair-raising minutes! Against all odds and sanity, his technique worked! But, as you can probably figure out, this was a quick fix at best, and now the laptop began to give problems once again after eight months of valuable service. This time, he not only applied thermal paste but also a heat gun and an Aluminium foil to make the effect even better. He also decided to drill 60 small holes on the base of the board under the fans to force more convection out of the cooling system. He then proceeded to heat it for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. It was fixed and the Macbook started normally operating again.

All of his attempts worked. The holes and the fans combined to increase airflow and cooling rate. When he put a paper on the vent, it got stuck there be a stronger force than ever before. It is a little early to say that the problem has now been fixed permanently as it has hardly been a month since the Macbook was recovered with the help of an oven again. Whle he achieved it alright, he is a tech maintenance guy with loads of experience up his sleeve. You should in no way start experimenting on your expensive laptop just to find out. However, if there is an old overheated one available, it can prove to be a nice experiment overall!