This Guy Created The Perfect Oven In His Backyard With Bricks And Mortar

DIY Oven for Pizza 10

Joey’s favorite food? Yeah, that’s right. Pizza! We all love pizza and why wouldn’t we? Anyhow, usually when you want one, you simply order it for delivery or use a pre-made pie in the oven. However, there are some other old-school ways to do this and this guy opted for an old way to make pizza as well. He created his own pizza oven made of brick in his backyard.

The project kicked off after selection of a spot in backyard followed by excavation.DIY Oven for Pizza

A cement foundation for the oven was made!DIY Oven for Pizza 2 DIY Oven for Pizza 2a

The walls of the oven being erected.DIY Oven for Pizza 3 DIY Oven for Pizza 3a

Stone cores were filled with concrete followed by adding a top to the oven.DIY Oven for Pizza 4

Heat-proof tiles were laid on the top.DIY Oven for Pizza 5

Bricks were cut that will eventually serve as the dome.DIY Oven for Pizza 6

Dome construction starts!DIY Oven for Pizza 7

Pumice sand was used to ensure that the dorm held its shape while the bricks were added to it.DIY Oven for Pizza 8 DIY Oven for Pizza 8a

A deck will be built to surround the oven, for now this pathway will have to do!DIY Oven for Pizza 9

Here’s the fire and oven is all set to make some pizza!DIY Oven for Pizza 10

This oven can heat up to extreme temperatures and therefore can cook quickly.DIY Oven for Pizza 11

This was taken after a few seconds of the pizza being placed in the oven.DIY Oven for Pizza 12

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