You Can Also Make This Floating LED Bed At Home In A Few Simple Steps

Levitating LED Bed7

This guy decided that the regular bed was too boring for him and therefore opted to create one for himself. He used LED light and some wood for this purpose. The end result? A bed that seems as if it’s levitating. Check out the project below and let us know what you think about in the comments section below.

The project kicked off with him creating the basic bed frame.Levitating LED Bed

Once he had the frame he went on to test the installation method for the 24ft LED rope light that will be used to impart the bed’s outer edge a glow!Levitating LED Bed2

The next step involved completing the frame’s construction.Levitating LED Bed3

Check the completed bed frame along with the headboard.Levitating LED Bed4

The planks were stained – the ones that had to be exposed.Levitating LED Bed5

Check out the test run of bed frame!Levitating LED Bed6

Finished product folks!Levitating LED Bed7 Levitating LED Bed8

Definitely the best bed we’ve seen so far!Levitating LED Bed9

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