This Guy Had An Ugly Old Front Door. What He Transformed It Into Will Amaze You

DIY Front Door is Amazing

We’ve all heard the saying ‘A man’s home is his castle’. Well, a redditor took this saying literally and created one awesome DIY door. His first attempt resulted with a frame that was too large and getting a factory-made door would have cost a lot. Now our genius guy wanted to create a medieval themed door as well so he thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The result? Scroll down and find out for yourself!

What he had to work with after the first DIY attempt!DIY Front Door is Amazing

He cut and assembled the Tasmanian Oak frame to begin with.DIY Front Door is Amazing2

This was followed by staining the door and addition of painted bolts to impart a medieval look.DIY Front Door is Amazing3

You can see the bolts sticking out from other side of the door.DIY Front Door is Amazing4

He used a ford to create the handle from metal.DIY Front Door is Amazing5

Adding grooves allowed him to twist it in different directions.DIY Front Door is Amazing6

Check out the handle once all the heating and twisting was done.DIY Front Door is Amazing7

He added a spike to one end of the handle along with shiny veneer’s coat.DIY Front Door is Amazing8

The metal hinges are homemade as well.DIY Front Door is Amazing9

Check out the door after hinges have been installed.DIY Front Door is Amazing10

And finally, the end product!!!DIY Front Door is Amazing12

DIY Front Door is Amazing11

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