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Guy Makes An Awesome Magical Fan For His Son As A Birthday Gift

Meet Reddit user pippx who decided to make something extraordinary for her son, Henry. What was the occasion? It was Henry’s birthday and that too his first birthday. Therefore, she decided that now would be a right time to gift her the galaxy. She came up with a plan of transforming the ceiling fan into an amazing painting of the night sky by using stencils, spray paint and some artistic touch.

The fan was originally plain white thus required no base coat.

The blades were painted black in the first step.

Ensure that your coats are thin and light.

Check out the first coat.

A few purple and blue swirls were imparted for an effect of space.

Time to create stars.

These are based on real constellations.

Check out the close-up.

Since she forgot to cover the whole blade, there is a bit of a spillover.

You can spot a visible line.

We all have room for improvement, don’t we? The white edges have been cleaned up using darker paint.


The hardware was painted as well.

The fan has been reassembled.

The lamp has been from inside and given a unique makeover as well.

Finally, it all worked in collaboration.

Henry loves it!