This Jet Fan Powered E-Bike Will Remind You Of Jetsons

Jet Fan Powered E-Bike Will Remind You Of Jetsons

Welcome to today’s class of engineering folks! How many of you are a fan of Jetsons? Remember the famous cartoons? You will feel nostalgic soon enough once you check out what we have in store for you today; a jet fan powered e-bike! The project has been undertaken by Tech Ingredients – considered one of the masters of cool and amazingly inventive projects on YouTube. He demonstrates his mad engineering skills in one of the latest videos.

Jet Fan Powered E-Bike Will Remind You Of Jetsons

The video is about 15 minutes long. In the video by Tech Ingredients, the inventor talks about the design from scratch and explains the different ideas that were used for the construction of the electric jet fan powered e-bike. The YouTube user explains the reason behind keeping the wires short and using batteries in series for increasing their power. He also talks about why the jet fans are mounted on the bike’s rear instead of on the wheels.

What makes this whole contraption amazing is the fact that you don’t need to modify your bike for retrofitting this kit onto your bike. Also, as mentioned by Tech Ingredients; the design does look slick! The bike mount costs about $15 and can be installed easily without much effort. The problem with other kits in the market is the fact that you have to make your bike undergo modification to install the kit. This makes the process not only costly but also a bit of a hassle.

Jet Fan Powered E-Bike Will Remind You Of Jetsons

You can skip all of the parts where he talks about the components of the system and design of the contraption, and watch the jet fan powered e-bike in action by skipping to 13:56. Also, let us know what you think of this particular design and if you have any ideas that you think will help improve this design. If you have also created a DIY e-bike variation; we would like to hear more about it. We believe that such DIY projects help people from all over the world to apply basic science knowledge in creating amazing things that are useful to us all.

Check out the complete video below and do leave your suggestions in comments!

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