This DIY All-Natural Air Freshener Will Never Let Your Car Or Bathroom Smell Foul Again

Do you have to plug your nose everytime you walk into your bathroom or car?

Do you fear that opening the door of your car or your bathroom will open the door to some new dimension of obnoxious smells?

Never mind the gazillions of ways you’ve tried to get that awful smell out of your car or bathroom, these places have denied staying pleasant for more than a few hours.

Brace Y’all OCD stricken people, the situation can be handled with one very simple solution.

Take a spare clothespin and a small bottle of essential oil with some scent of your choice.

Take out the small bottle and apply the oil to the clothespin. Make sure the oil really seeps through the wood.

Go to the nearest vent you find at your place and remove its cover.

Attach the oil socked fragranced pin on the inside of the vent cover. Make sure that the pin is fastened securely.

Finally, place the cover back on the vent and enjoy the aroma around you.


Use this method wherever suitable and get rid of the foul-smelling places. Watch the video below for the full tutorial.

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