Palestinian Guy Invents A DIY Solar Oven To Battle Frequent Power Outages

DIY Solar Oven By Palestinian 2

Gaza’s Khaled Bashir has done his deed to help his community battle the frequent power outages in Gaza. His DIY solar oven is affordable and cooks food on the Sun’s uncut power.

The Gaza strip has been a sensitive area for a long time and due to its war stricken misfortune. The strip bears shortages of fuel, electricity as well as food which is a dependent resource. Khaled’s solar oven can cook food without the two. The design is crude, but it works and will be a huge facility for Gaza’s citizens who don’t have power for most of the day.DIY Solar Oven By Palestinian

Bashir’s M.Sc from the University of Pretoria in South Africa gave him the motivation to make use of sunlight to power a solar oven. Bashir explains that solar cooking is beneficial as it keeps in the flavor of the food. The inside temperature of the oven reaches up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit and needs just a single tank of gas a year to work. Construction of the oven takes 2 days, and uses conventional mirrors to direct and focus energy on to the food.

20 solar ovens have been manufactured by the creator so far. Bashir doesn’t just catch the fish, but has turned to teaching the needful how to catch fish too. For 700 shekels, which is the local currency, Bashir buys the parts and is happy to teach how to build an oven.

Bashir currently works for the Palestinian Agriculture Ministry in Construction materials department, but finds time to build for the community.

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