Guy Bought A Broken Marble Slab. What He Made Out Of It Is A Treat For Your Eyes


Buying a broken marble slab will sound more like a mad decision. However, a broken marble slab can do wonders if you actually know what are you supposed to create out of it. It is some people’s all time favorite hobby to create something out of nothing, probably because of the satisfaction one gets by recreating something extraordinary out of something useless.

So check out what this guy did with a broken marble slab he bought from a marble store.

He bought this old marble slate, to begin with.  It cost him $9 in total.


He used a hammer to further crack the marble so that what he was trying to create had a uniform effect and it was more visible too.

A frame was then constructed by this guy out of wood so that he could place the broken marble slab as it is in the frame.


The gaps were then filled by a resin and glow-in-the-dark powder .


To achieve best results out of the experiment, this guy decided to paint the table and colored it brown and blue.


And the finished product looked like this.


Dim the lights and the table starts to glow.


The table looks even more cool when its pitch black around.


The overall effect is magical.

j8This DIY project proves you can create something really interesting out of the ordinary things. All you need is a bit of creativity and understanding of what you are doing.


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