You Need To Check Out These Useful Hotel Tricks Before Your Next Stay


When you check in a hotel, you get a sudden urge to explore the surroundings particularly the room where you are staying, yet there are so many things that you might be unaware of during your stay.  Here is a list of some privileges you might not know of during your stay at the hotel.

You don’t want to pay that cancellation fee, do you? Its okay. You don’t even have to pay it.



If you want to  cancel your stay in a hotel, don’t cancel it abruptly. Just make sure that you move it a few days or weeks later. After you have done so, make sure you call and cancel your stay the next day, you will not be charged there and then for your cancellation.

What you are perceiving as clean might not be as clean as it looks like


It is a fact that the linens might not seem as clean as they seem like. The sheets are washed every day, whereas the blankets are washed once a week.  Bed covers are not washed each day or each week, which means it might be a month before they are cleaned! So you must ask for washed blankets or bed covers.

Think before you drink 


Early check ins are not always the best option


Early check in means that the maid might have cleaned the room too fast and fast speed means escaping the minute details and ignoring detailed cleaning.

Order the movie and check out


The trick is to order the movie at the check out. This trick has worked most of the times.

Online booking websites are not always the best option


Trust the valet at your own risk


The hotels do not take the responsibility of the damage caused by the valet, mostly. Beware!

You might be continuously exposing yourself to that bacteria while touching that remote


Common cold might effect you while touching that remote so avoid using it if you can.

The pool furniture is never that clean

h9The hotel staff hardly clean the pool furniture, you must think before opting a sun bath on that pool chair.

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