Check Out These 25 Amazing Home Cleaning Hacks. You Can Thank Us Later!


People buy different antibacterial sprays and grease cleaners which cost them a lot. Through these simple hacks, we will suggest you some of the most basic things easily found at home that can help you clean your home and make it all shiny and sparkly. Things as basic as a bottle of vinegar will seem more than a bliss once you see your home spick and span.

1- Clean your oven


Put a bowl of ammonia in your oven and let it stand over night.  The next day, all you have to do is wipe it clean. The best part of this tip is that you do not have to waste any power. All you have to do is place your bowl in the oven.

2- Clean your dishwasher


Fill a bowl of vinegar and place it on top of your dishwasher rack. Turn on the hot water tap and sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom part, then make sure you turn on the tap one more time.

3- Clean your shower 


Fill in your plastic bag with white vinegar and cover your shower with it. Leave it like that overnight and you can clean it the next morning.

4- Clean your greasy pans


Add one cup of vinegar to your greasy pan and heat it on your stove. Then take it off your stove, add a few table spoons of baking soda to it and rub it off clean.

5- Clean your blender


Since the blender has the tendency to rotate itself, you need to add hot water and little soap in the blender and let the blender turned on.

6- Clean your stove top


You will be amazed to find out that vegetable oil works really well on grease and once you sprinkle some vegetable oil on the top of the stove top and use a cloth to wipe it off, you will find the stovetop shiny and clean.

7- Clean your ceiling fan


The tip is to use a pillow to clean off the dust. Place the pillowcase over a dusty fan and pull it off.

8- Unclog your clogged sink


Are you sick of your clogged sink? In order to get rid of it, you need to pour one cup of vinegar and 4 tablets of Alka-Selzter tablets down the drain. After that you need to clean it off by hot water.

9-  Keep the silverware shiny

Add hot water, half cup of baking soda and half cup of salt in a pan. Place all your spoons and other silverware in this pan and leave it for 30 minutes.

place setting and siverware

10- Get rid of the grease stains


Chalk works effectively in these situations. Rub chalk on fabric grease stains and wipe it off with a towel.

11- Use dryer sheets to get rid of dust


You can move a dryer sheet in the corners or places where there are chances of dust accumulation.

12- Disinfect your sponge


By placing your sponge in a microwave oven for 2 minutes, you kill 99% of the germs.

13- Clean the carpet

Clean your pet’s hairy mess by using a rubber squeequee.


14- Sprinkle some vodka over your bed


In order to get rid of all sorts of bacteria and other germs from your mattress, use a spray bottle to spray some vodka over your mattress.

15- Clean glass bakeware

Grime can look bad on glass. Use an aluminium foil and dish soap to scrub it clean.


16- Use rice to remove odour


Grind some rice in the coffee grinder and then some baking soda, use a dry cloth to clean it off.

17- Clean up using old socks


Take out an old sock and dip it into vinegar and water; it is one of the very effective ways of removing dust from various uneven and common things at home.

18- Dry your wet shoes


This can be done easily by putting some newspaper in your shoes and placing a bag of rice in them.

19- Remove the carpet stains


Use a spray bottle to sprinkle vinegar evenly over the area of stain and then place a wet towel over it. Make sure that you run an iron over it afterwards and you will get a clean carpet.

20- Get vomit out of your rug


Mix baking soda and water and cover the area of the vomit with it . Take out your vacuum and turn it on the surface and let it sit for a night. The smell and the stain would go away by the morning.

21- Efficient way of picking up bits of broken glass


Press a piece of bread against the floor or the area where the glass was broken, even the tiniest unseen bits will be also taken up by the bread.

22- Polish your leather furniture


Shoe polish can make your furniture all shiny.

23- Clean your air vents


Soak a rak in vinegar and water and use a butter knife to place the rag over it to reach vents.

24- Clean your electric grill


After the grill has been used and is hot enough, place a damp cloth and place the lid over it. The grill will have it steam cleaned itself.

25- Clean your bathroom surface


Sprinkle some salt over a grape fruit and clean away your bathroom; every detail of your bathroom will be restored in the process.

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