Save Gallons Of Clean Water In Toilet With This Amazing Trick

toilet grey water reuuse

It is a fact that majority of areas in the world lack clean water supply. Clean water is wasted in many households, primarily through flushing. According to statistics, three gallons of water are drained away each day during flushing. To save clean water from being drained away, an effective system was introduced which involved the use of grey water instead of the clean water for flushing.  The used water is called grey water, its not really very dirty but since you have used it while washing your hands, washing your bodies or washing dishes. So this used or grey water can be reused. Grey water is reusable because it has very little human waste in it.

This project will demonstrate how you can effectively use grey water for flushing.

This is the toilet where the experiment took place.


Two holes were drilled in the toilet tank cover. One hole was for the spout and one for the sink.


In order to avoid the drill bit getting hot, they made a dam for plumber’s putty; and before they could dig in a hole, they filled it with water.


The spout was made by cutting up parts of a copper plumbing.


The plastic tube shown in the image below is a part of the spout and makes the water run through it.


The bowl used as a basin was found at a store and a hole was dug into it to attach it to the tank cover. In this way, the dishwasher hose was attached to the drain assembly.


The cat was a big help.


This is actually what the inside of the tank looks like. The blue tube brings the water to the spout instead of the toilet tank. The dishwasher hose that you see sends the grey water to the toilet tank so that it can be flushed.


So, basically this is what it looks like.


I know it looks a bit unpleasant at the first look but when you will come to use it, you will realize that it is actually a great idea because you are directly not coming in contact with the dirty water; it is only used for flushing.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?


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  1. Nabil Reply

    It’s really a great idea about protecting fresh water reserve.We can use this technology to save our fresh water.It is high time to discover the strategy of sustainable water management .

    Thanks for your great post.

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