Scientists Develop Artificial Penis That Can Help Patients With Penile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is the worst nightmare for any man. Application of advanced biomedical sciences along with the use of elastic “memory metal” has created a revolutionary penile implant which helps men to regain control of their bodies.

This technology has been introduced by Dr. Brian Le, who is a professor at the Department of Urology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Le and his team have successfully created a super-elastic “memory metal” that behaves very close to a real life phallus and all its bending, expanding, and shrinking characteristics.

The implant requires a simple procedure that can help a man to maintain erections when all other methods fail.

While some dubbed it as a “bionic penis,” Le thinks this can be synonymous to breast implants following a mastectomy,

“It’s a survivorship issue – restoring function can help people feel whole in their bodies again,” Le said.

The technology uses nitinol, which is a heat-activated nickel-titanium alloy. It remains flaccid at the body’s  temperature and it can expand when heated. Nitino is a “memory metal” that “remembers” the size as it shrinks and expands. Le is also working on a remote control device that can be wrapped around the penis that will heat it enough to start the expansion.

Image Credits: University of Wisconsin-Madison

The problem of erectile dysfunction is very common with men over 40. A third of these men don’t respond to Viagra. The problems are only aggravated when it coincides with many health concerns such as cancers and heart diseases. This kind of implants offer hope to the men suffering from this depressing dilemma.

The device is still in the testing phase for now, but Le hopes it will be available in the market in the next 5 to 10 years.


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