5 Of The Best Mega Smart City Projects Around The World

We need elaborate planning to adapt our cities to the internet of things due to the rapid advancement of communications’ technology and artificial intelligence. Now the internet of things is a little bit more than a fancy name for a fancy concept that will make us more and more dependent on the technology. It is an idea that will revolutionize our social setup, raise us to the vast information highway, and contribute towards a better economy as well. Here are some of the numbers to find out the biggest appropriation of funds  and planning for smart city projects around the world:

1. United Kingdom

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According to a future of smart report by Arup, London will benefit from a huge $8.9 billion investment in this field. Since it is called the de-facto capital of the world, it will probably be the first one to be modernized along the lines of the internet of things. The other British cities like Birmingham and Manchester are also going to receive heavy upgrades for their information and civil infrastructure.

2. India-100 Cities

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The IT revolution has transformed the economy of the billion-plus nation, and it is widely regarded as the back-office of the world. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has plans to transform the information infrastructure outlook of more than 40 cities in a SmartCity mission. The cities include Bhopal, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and other heavily populated regions of the country. They will see boosted connectivity, increased citizens’ participation, e-government, and smarter public transport systems. It has also attracted investors from all over the world, especially Japan and the USA.

3. UAE

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UAE is one of the richest countries in the world that is desperately trying to end its dependence on oil and free trade route only. It is investing heavily in intellectual property and wants to be a key innovative player in the world and not just a shopping hub. Under the Dubai plan 2021, the Arab country will take on more than a hundred initiatives and transform more than 1,000 government services into smart services based on collective data. Almost half of the 1500 plus Wi-Fi spots have already been installed.

4. Spain-Barcelona

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Barcelona is swiftly becoming a tech capital of the world and a smart metropolis. It has already introduced a lot of smart work to reduce noise pollution, improve air quality, and waste management. Appark B, a street parking app, helps the motorists around the city to park their vehicle in a better manner. Barcelona is investing less amount of money, but it is focusing on strategy. Now the public services of the Catalan city are set to improve.

5. Australia

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Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Prime Minister, has announced the smart cities’ plan for the country, and it is a massive one. To deliver this ambitious plan, the state and territory governments will partner heavily to bring city deals like key industry and employment centers, infrastructure investment, and governance arrangements to deliver long-lasting benefits. An initial $50m has already been allocated for the smart city project.

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