Google Unveils New Envelope For Phone Storage That Lets You Take A Break From Digital Media

Do you often find yourself drenched into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube? A new notification pops up and you’re distracted from your work! Can’t switch the phone off because you might miss a call from home? These, and many more and the distractions many of us are facing today. To cater to them in an interesting yet fashionable way, Google has introduced a new envelope. It only allows you to receive or dial a call, else, keep your brain in your work!

That’s not it, Google also brought into light two new apps as part of the Digital Wellbeing Initiative to keep you away from the Digital world for a couple of minutes. The one we’re focusing on is a seal that hides your screen inside only enabling you to see the dial pad. The idea is somewhat similar to packing up your phones in small pouches while going to cinemas, concerts or urgent meetings.

The only constraint right now from your healthy breaks is that it only works with Pixel 3A. Worry not, other models are in the lane. So how does it work? If you’re a Pixel user, open the app ‘Envelope’, download the PDF, get a print-out, out your phone in, glue it and there you go! A customized phone cover that guards your mind against unnecessary distractions. Much needed for all media freaks!

 If you don’t feel like giving your fingers a rest, you can use other similar facilities such as ‘Activity Bubbles’ that makes your screen full of bubbles the more you stay into it. Starting with the few, the number increases with the minutes passing. Another interesting one is the stopwatch that ticks ahead each time you unlock your phone. Sad to see the 100 there?

These self-analysis and monitoring apps are a must if you lack self-control, as they drain useful energy out of you making you less productive throughout the day.

Another disadvantage of using your phone too much is the unfiltered fuel you’re providing your mind! In other words, you may take it like over-loading your brains with loads of unnecessary stuff that fills up the area assigned for useful knowledge. Not mentioning here the drawbacks of the rays coming out of the screens that are an obvious enemy to the eyes.

Do you feel like you can’t focus anymore? Or if you’re struggling with memory issues these days? Have you recently found yourself more distracted and less lively? Well, in any of the cases above, you should start watching the clock when your mobile is in your hands or soon, you’ll become a slave to this not-so-wonderland device!

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