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Google To Release A Phonebloks Like Modular Smartphone That Will Cost Only 50$

It may seem crazy, but recently we have reached a point where smartphones are improving at a far slower pace than a few years ago. Now, every new model comes with only a few tweaks to the older version, some barely noticeable. All of this might change next year with Google’s new smartphone.

Called the Project Ara, this modular smartphone is one of Motorola’s projects that Google is still interested in, even after having sold the company to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. Project Ara is one ambitious project that could change the smartphone  industry once its released. This smartphone take a whole new approach to the way the product is sold. Unlike conventional smartphones, that come pre-assembled and have features and specifications which cannot be updated once you have bought the phone (except the software), Ara smartphones would have modules that can be arranged and attached according to the user’s specifications.

If you want a camera that has better resolution and greater auto focus capabilities, just swap the module. If you want more RAM to meet your usage requirements, swap the module and add more RAM. If you want a longer battery life, swap the battery module and add a bigger battery. There are endless possibilities and this means that your phone will also be unique with very little chance of someone having the same configuration as you. The customization on the Ara smartphones is on a whole new level than how you can personalize your phone nowadays. If you don’t use the camera on your phone, simply remove the module and add something that’s more useful to you (RAM or battery or even a larger speaker).

Google is serious about this project and it is rumored that it will unveil a working prototype within the next few weeks. A launch date for the first quarter of 2015 is also expected with an initial price tag of only $50. While it may not beat the current giants of the smartphone industry, Google is pitching the Ara smartphone to users who have not approached the smartphone market yet. The phone will be available in three screen sizes: mini (a basic screen), medium (mainstream size) and jumbo (which is a phablet-style size). The thickness of the phone is also a bit stressful on your pocket at 9.7mm (compared to iPhone 5’s 7.6mm and Samsung S5’s 8.1mm).

We’ll have to wait and see to see if this new take on the smartphone market will be a hit or a miss. It could just be the Google Glass of the smartphone market and it could bring more people to use smartphones. A true game changer.