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50 Creative And Amazing USB Designs

With the advent of USB drives, the way we share and carry data has changed completely. Today, USB drives are considered to be one of the fundamental gadgets that every computer user must have. As it is a much sought after gadget, there is a huge competition in the USB drive market. There are hundreds and thousands of different companies coming up with new USB storage devices every month. To differentiate, companies employ new concepts and creative design ideas to manufacture USB drives. Today, we are sharing 50 of the most amazing and highly creative USB designs that we have come across to date. Enjoy the gallery and tell us which particular USB design is your favourite!

Buffalo USB

Shoe USB

Cina Flash Drive

Transformers USB

Cat Paw USB

Cat Paw USB

Cartoon USB

Donut USB

Crime Scene Finger USB


Design Finite USB

Creative USB


Elephant USB

Fish USB

Folder USB

Globe USB

Grenade USB

Hamburger USB

Hello Kitty USB


Lego Brick USB 

Light Bulb USB

Pod Drive USB

Pizza USB

Ninja USB

Lock USB


Sperm USB

Wooden Post USB

Robot USB

Rubber Man USB

Snake USB

Soccer USB

Lighter USB

Teddy USB

Syringe USB

Sushi USB

Spongebob USB

Coin USB

Weapon USB

Glasses USB

Banana USB

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