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Apple Is Reportedly Working On A New AirPods Case That Can Be Worn Around Your Wrist

Apple has been granted a patent for new designs for its AirPods charging case, making it almost impossible to lose. The new design proposes a flexible U-shaped case that can be worn like a bracelet around the wrist or used as a keychain ring.

The idea behind this revamp is to accommodate situations where users cannot store their electronic devices in pockets or purses, such as during exercise. The flexible housing of the case allows users to place the AirPods on each side and securely close the device.

‘Accessories for portable electronic devices having features to retain the portable electronic device to the user, however, are traditionally bulky and may be uncomfortable, or may not provide certain desired features, such as charging capabilities,’ the patent titled ‘Wireless Headphone Accessory’ reads.

‘Thus, improvements and advances to accessories for electronic devices can be desirable to reliably retain the electronic device in a convenient form factor while providing other desired features.’

The patent suggests using a flexible battery on one side of the case and an induction coil for wireless power transfer on the other side. Unlike the current AirPods charging case, the new design places volume controls on the outside, allowing users to operate them with a simple finger swipe. The patent describes this section as the only rigid area of the case.

To keep the case closed securely, magnets could be placed at each end, forming a circle when clasped shut. This innovative design also offers the benefit of versatility – it can be worn as a stylish bracelet or attached to a keyring. Users can also place it around their wrist next to a strap, hinting at possible compatibility with an Apple Watch.

‘The accessory can be secured to a keyring that also has keys secured thereto,’ the document reads.

‘While in use, the keys may contact the accessory, however the durable exterior of the accessory 910 can withstand such contact without showing significant or undesirable levels of wear of damage.’

Moreover, the case can double as a key holder without showing signs of wear or damage from contact with keys. Users also have the option of attaching the case to their clothing, effectively turning it into a speaker.

‘By producing or amplifying directional sound as shown, the accessory can allow the user to hear the sound while other people, even those standing directly next to the user, may not be able to hear the sound,’ Apple shared in the patent.

With this new patent, Apple aims to enhance the convenience and practicality of its AirPods charging case. By providing various ways to wear and use the case, users can enjoy greater freedom and functionality while ensuring their AirPods are always within reach. As with any patent, it’s essential to note that not all ideas may come to fruition, but the prospect of an innovative and versatile AirPods charging case is undoubtedly exciting for Apple users.

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