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Flag Of The Cayman Islands – A symbol Of Freedom

The Flag of the Cayman Islands was applied on 14 May 1958 after the community was formally provided a coat of arms. Before that, the Islands had used the British flag for all formal events. In 1999, the white shield was removed and the hands were more than more than doubled in dimension, although the pre-1999 flag continues to be well-known and is still used on some formal events and the website of Cayman Islands Government explains the flag as a “British blue ensign with the arms on a white shield in the fly.” During the year of 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer time Olympic Games, and during these years and 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the Cayman Islands group marched in under the flag as described on the website of Cayman Islands Government.

Common with most of the British overseas, the Governor’s flag is a Union Flag defaced with the coat-of-arms. The governor’s flag was also modified in 1999, the golden ring was added and the hands were made larger.

Flag Courtesy

As the national ensign of the country, the flag should always be handled with the due regard and deference which any such national icon should get. This contains not traveling it in the evening or in climate, not enabling it to contact the floor, and using it for any objective other than a flag.

Flags should not be installed or proven top to bottom. One off the main courtesy is mention that flags should not be flown if they are damaged of faded colored, but in its place they should be burnt.

When two or more flagstaffs are at the same stage on a building, the excellent one is to the remaining, when watching the building from the outside. On a flagstaff with a yardarm, the remaining branch is excellent to the right, and the top place is excellent to both.

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