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Are You Car Windows Frosty Every Morning? Clean Them In Seconds With This Hack

rubbing alcohol get rid of window frost

Frosty windows are a bitter reality we have to face every morning in these cold, damp winters. It takes about ten minutes to complete the ritual of cleaning one’s windows and starting the near-frozen engine in all this cold. Sometimes the frost has stuck to the window and is difficult to scrape off.

So, here is a simple DIY on how to remove the stacks of ice from the windows in an instant. It involves the usage of rubbing alcohol. The freezing point of this amazing organic formula is -100-degree centigrade, so unless you are living in the poles where btw, there are no cars, this technique would definitely work for you! All you need is a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol and some water and you are good to go! The solution can never freeze in our extreme mercuries so you can even place it in your cold garage or outside and not worry about it freezing. You just have to spray it on the ice, and it will simply melt away in a fraction of a second.

Rubbing alcohol is a very useful chemical. Check out its applications here:

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