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This Weird Coat With 50 Cameras Could Be The Next James Bond Movie Gadget

Surveillance Like a Boss – Aposematic Jacket

In developing countries, crimes are tracked by making use of surveillance cameras installed at public places. However, avoiding them or robbing at places where there is no surveillance isn’t that hard. This is where the Aposematic Jacket comes in – created by a duo of Artists based in South Korea and draped with cameras that are connected to Internet.

The jacket has been conceived by Kim Yong Hun and Shin Seung Back and has been created by Jehee Sheen who is a former Giorgio Armani designer. The Aposematic Jacket comes with about 50 cameras embedded into it that cover 360 degrees around the user and are powered by a battery pack that is hidden in the jacket.

When user feels that the trouble is just around the controller, a simple press of button will begin the feed from cameras go live to a remote server. The system is controlled by Raspberry Pi and is connected to Internet via Wi-Fi.

Given that the jacket is merely an art project backed up by Seoul Art Space, it still displays how advanced the wearable technology has become and how it is trying out new applications and horizons. We could very well soon witness people acting as surveillance nodes within cities. Check out the video below for more details:

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