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Get Creative On This April Fools’ Day With These Genius Pranks

Check out our list of some unique and amazing April Fools’ Day pranks!

1. Do you take a long amount of time during your grocery shopping? Well, we have bad news for you!

2. This is how you fool them with less and with minimal effort!

3. Ah yes, this can happen on April Fools’ Day!

4. Use paper for creating creepiest paper bugs and then use them to scare the crap out of your friends!

5. Scare the drivers by hiding in plain sight!

6. Never ever accept food on April Fools’ Day!

7. Throw a few grass seeds into the cracks of the keyboards of your co-workers and voila!

8. This is how you can take it a step further!

9. Cups of water in the school’s hallways! Brilliant, no?

10. This works best after the morning coffee at your office!

11. The classic toy snake prank!

12. You get the idea!

13. Yes, some do go to that extent on April Fools’ Day!

14. This will lead to an all-out war between ketchup lovers and mustard lovers!

15. Eat it or leave it!

16. Stuffed rats are great for scaring the crap out of your co-workers!

17. Swap out the tech stuff with cardboard replacements!

18. Get that sweet revenge at the office!

19. Wet t-shirt contest is about to begin in three, two, one…!

20. If you have the time, go ahead!

21. This is very disturbing but such a great prank!

22. This is perfect for those who love to enjoy ice cream after a long day of work!

23. The previous homeowner left a message for the person who would change the carpet later on!

24. Let’s see if the co-worker is able to figure out what’s about to happen!

25. Get a mannequin and wait for it!

26. Here’s your ride covered with sticky notes!

27. Honey, I’m ho-what the hell!

28. Well, yes!

29. It’s a hot dog treat folks!

30. The door needs a replacement, right?

31. Meet the cream cheese deodorant!

32. Wrapped bedroom is the best bedroom!

33. And this is how you tackle the friend who loves to munch during night time.

34. And this is how you bring the outdoors to the indoors!

35. Alright, this one is a bit too scary. Imagine walking into the bathroom late night and peeing yourself!

36. This is why you don’t give spare keys to your apartment to your friends!

37. Yes, we have been remodeling while you were gone!

38. Another brilliant prank!

39. Yes, hello, we need your help with defeating the Decepticons!

40. You won’t have to worry about whether it should drape over the front or hang out of the back with this approach!

41. Never taking a bath again!

42. Shaving cream on one hand and a tickle to the face is all you need!

43. Photoshopping at its best!

44. Good luck with that!

What do you think of these pranks for April Fools’ Day? Do let us know!