10 Best April Fool Pranks In The Tech World That Were Pulled This Year

best pranks for april fool's day

Did you think putting food dye in your tap, or replacing sugar with salt were great April Fool pranks? Well, they can be if they work out. We just got you the best that happened this year, and they are hilarious.

1. Snapchat Roasts Instagram

Here we begin with the best one. Remember how everyone was mad when Instagram copied Snapchat. It wasn’t just us, Snapchat apparently got mad too, and they decided to burn Instagram this April fools by copying their interface into a filter. Gotta admit this one is pretty good.

Source: Business Insider


2. Hulu’s Abbreviated TV

They brought in abbreviated TV. Because who wants to watch hours of TV shows? They will trim a half an hour TV episode to 15 seconds so you can stay updated with what is happening around and not waste your entire life on it. This should not be a prank honestly.

Source: IndieWire


3. iFixit Micro Tool Kit

Tiny tools for tiny emergencies. Pretty legit, no?

4. Duolingo Emoji Course

Duolingo teaches you everything, and everything even included emojis. They are offering a course on emojis, and you gotta learn it if you want to make sense out of strings of emojis that you receive in WhatsApp group chats.

Source: TechCrunch

5. Amazon Petlexa

If humans have Amazon Alexa, animals deserve something of the sort too, don’t they? If you dog barks to go outside or if your cat meows for food, Petlexa knows.

6. Honda Horn Emoji

Honda makes the car horn more expressive for you. You don’t have to speak to communicate with other drivers. If this were real, we don’t if it will sound cool or just horrible.

7. Man Crate’s Man Freight

Man Crate has offered the Man Freight Service. It lets you deliver your loved ones the most valuable gift ever. Wi-Fi and air holes, the perfect comfy ride.

8. Lyft’s Thumb Gadget

Of all the pranks, San Francisco-based ridesharing company Lyft went way ahead. They made a wearable gadget for our hand that your can wear to hail a ride. They actually made a bunch of these and released some promos, even got Bella Hadid to model it.

Source: Alex Poucher

9. Google Gnome

After Google Home for the insides, you have Google Gnome for the outsides. Umm, this makes me wanna buy it. Why aren’t you making it for real Google?

10. Zappo’s Theft Free Box

If you ever had a box stolen from your porch, you gotta fall for this one.

Did we miss out on another cool one? Let us know in the comments.

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