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Google Maps Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi Using Camels

We all know that Google is busy in documenting the world by making use of the Google Maps Street View. The latest edition to this awesome feature by Google is the street view for the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi. What is so surprising and wonderful about it? How about the fact that the company didn’t use any jeep or backpackers to get this footage but rather made use of camels that had Google Street View Trekkers mounted on them. The result came in the form of an amazing 360 degree pictures of the area that qualifies as one of the world’s most remote areas.

This approach was used to make the captured images look more authentic while making sure that minimal environmental impact was registered. PETA, however, has accused Google of animal abuse.

Located in Liwa Desert is the Liwa Oasis that enjoys the spot of largest oasis that exists on the Arabian Peninsula. Users checking the Desert out can take a look around this oasis as well.