People Are Using Google Map’s Street View To See Their Deceased Loved Ones


Recalling memories of your deceased ones? Going through your family photo albums or taking out the hard drive to cherish your favorite faces once more! Well, Google Maps give you another option to find the photos of your deceased ones via the Street View Option.

The said platform is an online 3D portrait of the entire world. Chains of panoramic photos are kept together to bring the desired view within your reach, owing to the efforts of Google’s Street View cars and other contributors. The shared tweet is an example of what exactly you can expect from this feature.

You see, they found their grandfather sitting right outside his home, while they were scrolling through the streets of the farm, where he used to live. The feeling of finding such an unexpected glimpse, cannot be put into words. Barraza who considered her grandfather as ‘the rock to my family’ felt comforted with the sight. Being the first one though, she opened up ways for many others to go through similar experiences. The tweet went viral with many getting inspired and following the trend to find their loved ones. Each one sharing a recording of a deceased family member.

The tweet was also acknowledged and appreciated by Google. In an interview with CNN, Ben Jose, a spokesman at Google, said “It’s heartwarming to see Google Maps and Street View helping so many people remember their loved ones in a special way and share their memory with the world,”

Next in the row, a similar story quoted:

And there are many more ones depicting mixed emotions. Each story is heart-felt and the expression leaves us teary-eyed. One could never expect such a way of recalling any time and having their loved one right in front of their eyes, gardening, passing through the street, reading a newspaper, and some unforgettable hugs.

Thanks to Google Maps, on behalf of all those who were able to relive a very precious moment of their lives, and feel the warmth of their elders with their image on the screen. How could Google take out time, to care for the emotions of so many and gift them with something that cannot be replaced with any hi-fi tech product!


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