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Here’s How Children Books Have Changed Over The Years That You Might Not Have Noticed

Richard Scarry was the celebrated author of children’s books that we learned to love in our elementary schools. He helped change the way children are being taught about stuff and often focusing on stories for this purpose. Although the great guy died in 1994, his book company continues to provide top quality material for children and a close look at them shows us how children’s books never change.

But, don’t they? Very few people know the fact that Scarry has been changing the books at least in some ways to reflect the modern way times we live in that are very different from the early years of the genre. Here are some of the most intriguing changes being incorporated in these books since 1963:

Traditional gender roles like stereotyping women as working in the kitchen has been stopped. As we can see here, the new versions have the dad bunny working alongside mom in the kitchen!

These changes were subtle, and only a thorough reading of them side-by-side would allow people to identify them. Here again, the stereotyped flight crew has been removed, and real names have been used.

Instead of firemen, we have firefighters since it shows a gender bias in work and the beautiful screaming lady has been replaced by a cat in agony. Portraying women as needy and weak has been stopped.

Little bears can eat their breakfast on their own, and they don’t need to be called for it!

The playground has become more racially diverse!

The use of Indian costumes as racist inclinations has stopped.

Occupation names are unisex like the police officer, and those that can’t be described as unisex are removed altogether like cowboy and milkman!

The dental hygienist is also shown to be unisex and not some old lady.

So, no wonder the new generation of kids are much more tolerant than we ever used to be!