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These Are The Closest Pictures Of The Sun Ever Taken

This is just the beginning of a long epic journey of Solar Orbiter going closest to the Sun ever in human history, said Daniel Mueller, a Solar Orbiter project scientist from European Space Agency. Solar Orbiter is dedicated to studying the Sun and claims to travel distances leading closer to Sun in less than two years. The Space Craft was launched on February 9, 2020, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida for the latest new research and going closest to the Sun ever.

Solar Orbiter is working on taking the images and collecting information of the Sun that never might be gathered before from the perspective of earth. The project aims to not only go the closest to the Sun but also to take information on the polar sides of the Sun, about which we might not know.

The European Space Agency Scientists revealed that the images taken show a massive amount of solar flares, dotted across the whole Sun’s surface, another name to the solar flares is the campfire. The brief eruptions of high energy radiations coming out of the Sun’s surface is a description given to these solar flares by Solar Orbiter.

One of the primary reasons for conducting this research is to understand the atmospheric make-up of the sun better. These all-new details will help better understand the universe’s hottest star and will unfold a lot of connected mysteries.

These images were taken with the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager camera when the spacecraft was 77 million kilometers from the sun, about half the distance from Earth.

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