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Why Paint Your Room Laboriously When You Can Blow Up A Bucket Of Paint And Do The Same

Why Paint Your Room Laboriously Blow Up A Bucket Of Paint_Image 3

While the job of re-painting, or painting your room is quite a job in itself, the task is prolonged by the necessary precautions to ensure that the paint does not ruin your possessions.

A YouTuber took inspiration from Mr. Bean and decided to make his life easier by simply blowing up a bucket of paint in the room and see if it works.


Image Source: YouTube


The YouTuber experimented with a lot of options including the use of paintballers and directed paint eruptions. Check out this video of his exploits:




The aftermaths of the paint explosion were quite artistically terrific, but the victims of the blast included windows, ceiling, and the floor.


Image Source: Engage Today


I guess it will do better to stick to the regular manual painting technique.