NASA Engineer Shows The Most Genius Pranks For April Fools Day

best pranks for april fool's day

You must have seen Mark Rober, an ex-NASA engineer and his Youtube channel where he shows different tricks and hacks to make our lives interesting and have an understanding of basic scientific phenomenon as well. Now, what is an April Fool’s day without a genius prank to pull of on your mates or spouse? It is also quite difficult to pull old ones off like your mom is sick, come home immediately or lets get ready for an outing and then you don’t show up or the gruesome ones involving all the fake blood and bandits. In fact, it is much better to have some harmless fun in an intelligent way than freak people out so much that they take some drastic actions. Mark Rober is known for his fun DIY hacks on Youtube, and now he was a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live and presented some truly ingenious yet harmless pranks to pull off on people who have their guards up on April Fool’s Day. Here are the amazing pranks:

I personally liked the monster figure one as it was pure genius to attach it so close that the guy driving has no idea what is out there. It could have a particularly amazing effect at night when these sort of creatures are expected. The mentos one is fun but a little too dirty to pull off at a party or a gathering. Safe enough to ruin your wife’s everyday clothes, though!

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