Here Are 15 Websites That Will Make You A Smarter Person

15 Websites You Must Visit Every Day featured

For most of us, surfing the Internet translates into wasting house on social media websites, reloading them over and over. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much time you waste on them? Instead, if you started spending some time on educational website, you might end up learning a thing or two and become smarter in the process. Here are 15 websites that you need to bookmark and visit on a daily basis.

15. Unplug The TV15 Websites You Must Visit Every Day

Each time you visit this site, it generates a new video for you to watch and become smarter.

14. Thesaurus

A great way to expand your vocabulary.

13. Factsie

This website will find various facts for you that you didn’t know before.

12. BBC Languages

This BBC platform brings you interactive guides, TV programs, shows and much more if you’re into learning new language.

11. TED15 Websites You Must Visit Every Day 4

Do we really need to talk about TED talks?

10. Do It Yourself

For the love of doing it yourself.

9. Drawspace

This website allows you to learn about techniques and styles when it comes to drawing.

8. High Brow

This site will send you 5-minute long courses on various subjects to your inbox every day. Take out the time to learn something new.

7. Lingvist

You can, as per their claims, learn any language in 200 hours.

6. Creative Live

You can receive lessons in video, photo, design, art, audio, music, crafts and even life from one of the most creative minds in the world.

5. Instructables

The name says it all.

4. Investopedia

Even if you don’t have a business degree, this Wikipedia-like version of financial market will help you understand what’s going on in the financial industry.

3. Coursera

It offers a myriad of free courses on various subjects ranging from biology to getting a handle on your life.

2. edX15 Websites You Must Visit Every Day 3

This website also features a multitude of courses from various universities all over the world.

1. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings has interesting posts drawn from art, science, design, history, and philosophy.


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