Wonderful Engineering

German invention – M16 Crossbow

Talk of the day on internet these days is The Zombie Apocalypse. We’ve all seen memes regarding them and how it is turning into a big hyped up thing. Our today’s article is about what a certain person, Joerg Sprave, did in regard to this zombie apocalypse. Some might call it inspirational and others might call it crazy – we call it impressive and wonderful engineering!

Okay so what led to this invention? Here is a scenario; zombie apocalypse has started. You survived the first wave all thanks to your survival bunker. Way to go soldier, but the second wave is here and your impressive gun, M16 assault rifle is out of bullets. What are you going to do now? While majority would just panic and might give in to the fear and be taken by zombies, our inventor, Joerg Sprave, did otherwise. He has constructed a crossbow using the spare parts of M16 assault rifle. The end result is a dead on accurate machine which slings bolt and might come in handy when you encounter the zombies.

In Sprave’s words he described the crossbow as ‘unregulated in Germany, so (it’s) totally legal to own’. The rubber band protective housing acts as a silencer, while also helping in propelling his ammunition. A combo of a Zippo hand warmer and you’re all set for the winters. He sure did give it a lot of thought. Sprave is still working on improving the design and he has set new task of coming up with a multi-firing version that would of course be the weapon of choice if you are surrounded by zombies. Oh and the arrows are aluminum, just in case if you were wondering.

While this might not come as a huge advancement of science, it sure acts as a proof that just a bit of thinking and use of engineering can help us out of tight situations quite easily.