GentleWasher Washes Your Clothes Carefully Without Using Any Electricity

Gentlewasher is being termed as the most sustainable washing machine in the world, which treats your clothes with care and delicacy. they so richly deserve. From your silk nightgowns to your cashmere sweaters, you can put anything inside the washer and have it cleaned in no time!

The washer is not entirely autonomous, but as claimed by the creators, it can lead a load in as little as five minutes. Gentlewasher is also environment-friendly as it uses just 1.9 gallons per cubic feet, which is 50 to 100 percent more efficient than an average washing machine. Gentlewasher also consumers less detergent meaning it is easy on your wallet.


The machine weighs at 24 pounds, so it is very portable and can be taken on camping or trailer trips. And even if you forget to take out a load for a while, the specially designed ventilation would make sure your clothes don’t suffer from mildew or bad smells.

Simply drop in your clothes, fill the tank with water and turn the crank for the magic to begin. The creators claim that their patented drum profile allows the clothes to be “mixed extensively with water and detergent.”


You can book your Gentlewasher piece now for $300 by backing the Indiegogo campaign, with delivery in about two weeks. Learn more about the contraption by visiting their website and watching the video below!

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