This Multi functional Zip Tie Is Everything You Need Right Now

There are no words that can describe how useful zip-ties are when it comes to organizing cables and wires. Currently, there are seven different types of zip-ties available out there for unique applications. The only drawback is that they can only be used once. However, these new zip-ties called  MUTDUT MultiCinch, are not only as durable as the cable-ties, they are also re-usable.

Credits: Kickstarter

“The MUTDUT MultiCinch allows you to tie, build, and fix things in a ‘cinch.’” says MUTDUT

The elastic and sturdy MultiCinch are capable of handling nearly anything. The unique requirements are fulfilled used three different sizes. The smaller size helps organize the cables and do minor repairs. The medium sized ties are used for gardening and outdoor work. The MultiCinch promises more strength than the zip tie. Hence, large ties offer potential in tasks that require more strength like mountain biking, rafting, and boating, etc.

Credits: Core77

Another feature that makes the MultiCinch more attractive is how symmetrical and reversible the tie is. There are no male or female parts. Instead, each part of the MultiCinch can perform as a socket or plug. The lack of buckles means that the MultiCinch will be harmless to your boat, bike or car, and most importantly, it is reversible. The material used to manufacture MultiCinch is waterproof and non-absorbent. All these features make the multiCinches re-usable.

Credits: MUTDUT

The medium MultiCinch is about 18-inches long and two inches wide. More on the MultiCinch project on Kickstarter.


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