Peek What Is Behind Your Walls Using Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor

Here’s your shot at fulfilling your lifelong dream of becoming a superman! Using Walabot DIY’s 3D imaging sensor, you can peek through walls to locate wires, studs, pipes and even people! The sensor magnetically attaches to your smartphone and works in tandem with the Walabot app to help you see what an unaided human eye can never perceive.


The technology is developed by Vayyar, a company which specializes in 3D imaging. Walabot DIY was first developed for the medical industry for breast cancer screenings but now has been marketed as a multi-purpose device. The Walabot sensor uses your phone’s USB port to draw power and aligns with the companion app to provide three kinds of modes.

The first one, Map Mode, allows you to view structures in your wall and provide a general picture before you can switch to the Images Mode, which identifies the objects behind the wall. Lastly, Raw Mode displays the raw signals Walabot is picking and helps you track the exact location of pipes or wires, along with any other unwanted guests living inside such as rodents and other critters.


The app also allows you to take a snapshot and view the results offline. The Walabot sensor is capable of seeing through cement, drywall and wood up to 4 inches thick. The technology is compatible with Android phones with Lollipop 5.0 and above, but won’t work with the Galaxy Note 7, LG G4, and LG V10.

The device is currently available in the UK for £99, and after the introductory advertisement, it will rise to £199.

You can view the video below to see all the DIY applications of Walabot, which can save you a whole lot of money and allow some pretty nifty applications like using it as a robotic enhancer, vehicle radar, and even a sleep analyzer.

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