First-Ever Electric Tugboat Will Soon Join A Port In The US

The incorporation of sustainable technologies and green solutions in the operations of almost every industrial sector has become a vogue now. Companies and authorities are striving hard to achieve clean and green solutions for their processes. The same focus is observed in the automobile sector where the fuel dependence is still significantly high. This fuel does not only create a burden on the non-renewable and already exhausting resources but produces pollutants as well that are extremely hazardous for health. A similar trend is seen in the automobile industry of the oceans and seas. Ships and other vehicles of the water use the same fuel and create the same amount of pollution which is directly released into the water.

The Crowley Maritime Corp. of the US has devised a solution for this mounting problem. They have introduced an electric tugboat at the San Diego Port. This boat will not use even an ounce of the conventional fuel and will solely be powered by electric batteries. The capacity is around 6 MWh.

The boat is being called the eWolf and is 82 feet long. It is said to be an exhibition of ‘innovation, sustainability, and performance.’ The boat will be launched in 2023 and within the first ten years, it is expected that the boat will cut down nitrogen oxides emission by 178 tons, diesel materials by 2.5 tons, carbon dioxides by 3100 metric tons, and diesel by 30,000 gallons every year. These credentials are progressive and have the potential to lead to future technologies based on this one.

Along with the administration at the Port of San Diego, there are other notable organizations involved in the project. They are the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, the California Air Resources Board, the Port of San Diego, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Maritime Administration. Its functionality is being awaited.

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