World’s Biggest Green Hydrogen Project Launched In Western Australia

With the passage of time, we are facing an energy crisis as the usage for energy is increasing and the non-renewable sources of energy are depleting at an exponential rate. Alternative sources of energy are being discovered and researched upon, so the world does not have to undergo an appalling energy crisis at a global level. most of these alternative ways are based upon the uses of renewable and sustainable sources of energy. Of these, the most popular and widely used are solar and wind energy. Scientists all over the world are engaged in devising ways to use green sources of energy.

The western side of Australia is arguably harboring the world’s biggest project of green hydrogen. This project is initiated by the Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH). They aim to utilize 50 GW of both solar and wind energy to create around 3.5 million tons of green hydrogen. This project is speculated to surpass the efficiency and output of the Svevind Project that was launched not a month ago in Kazakhstan.

The world is moving towards decarbonization when it comes to the utilization of energy. By the year, 2050, it is expected that this objective will be achieved. In these circumstances, alternate options of energy are required, and this project will be providing them. It will also majorly aid in decarbonizing the steel industry which will need the necessary green hydrogen once the energy resources it relies upon deplete or are no more an option.

The whole project will be spread upon the area of around 5800 square miles near Kalgoorlie. The associated organizations for the project are InterContinental, CWP Global, and the Mirning People. However, the project is still under its preliminary stages, and it is not even near its beginning. The biggest investment decision is still pending and is expected to arrive no sooner than 2028.

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