Couple In Scotland Gets A $20,000 Bill From Tesla After Just ‘Driving In The Rain’

An Edinburgh couple has found themselves in the midst of a bewildering and expensive ordeal with electric car giant Tesla after their vehicle stopped working following a drive in the rain. Johnny Bacigalupo and Rob Hussey are still reeling from the “excruciating stress” that this experience has brought into their lives.

Their perfectly functioning £60,000 Tesla electric car suddenly stopped one rainy evening in the capital of Scotland. The pair had never experienced any problems before, but they soon found themselves in a difficult scenario that finally resulted in their car being hauled away.

The couple waited nearly five hours for roadside assistance from Tesla support, and their luxury car has not returned to them since that evening. The most shocking part of their ordeal, however, came when they received a staggering bill of £17,374 to repair the allegedly rain-damaged battery.

Johnny Bacigalupo shared his disbelief, stating, “When they said over 17 grand – it’s absolutely obscene. My heart missed a beat, honestly.” After some correspondence with the company, Johnny and Rob still claim no responsibility for the issue, and they’re puzzled by the substantial repair cost.

Tesla representatives reportedly explained that the battery had suffered water ingress due to the inclement weather, which wasn’t covered by the battery’s 8-year warranty. However, Johnny pressed them on whether it was their fault, to which he claims he was told it was a weather issue.

This unusual case highlights a broader concern about the suitability of Tesla vehicles in regions with varying weather conditions. Edinburgh Live obtained correspondence confirming the £17,374 bill, as well as an email from Tesla customer relations committing to an investigation into the complaint.

“I’m not sure I would have bothered buying the car if I had known the customer service would be so bad,” Johnny Bacigalupo said, expressing his displeasure with Tesla’s performance. He also voiced worries about the possibility of other claims pertaining to connected problems.

This incident raises questions about the adaptability and robustness of electric vehicles in various environmental conditions, particularly in regions with unpredictable weather. It also underscores the importance of transparent and customer-centric service when it comes to addressing such unusual and expensive vehicle issues.

For the couple, this unexpected and costly experience has undoubtedly soured their opinion of Tesla, and they hope for a fair resolution to this frustrating situation.

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