This Sporty New Two-Seat Electric Car Is Bringing The Retro Look To EVs

Slovakia’s Patak Motors is ushering in a new era of automotive elegance with the Patak Rodster, an electric roadster that marries a dash of nostalgia from the 1930s with contemporary electric drive technology.

The brainchild of company CEO Andrej Hulala, this “reinvention of the gentleman’s car” promises a top speed of 130 km/h and an electric range of up to 250 km on a single charge. A mesmerizing blend of classic aesthetics and modern convenience, the Rodster is set to make a statement on the road.

In the making since 2020, the Patak Rodster bridges the design gap between a compact car and a motorcycle. With a design that pays homage to classic roadsters, it boasts spoked 19-inch alloy wheels, retro-style round LED headlights, and distinctive bullet-shaped rear lights. The car can be configured as an open-top city cruiser or fitted with a folding roof, allowing drivers to adapt to various driving scenarios.

Step inside, and you’ll find a high-style tri-spoke steering wheel crafted from wood and metal, complemented by a wooden dashboard. The Rodster is powered by a 15-kW electric motor, though a version with a single-cylinder 4-stroke gas engine is also on the horizon. It can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h (31 mph) in just seven seconds, reaching a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). The electric version features a 10-kWh or 20-kWh battery pack, offering a potential range of up to 250 km (155 miles) on a single charge. Recharging can be accomplished in approximately four hours via a 230-V wall outlet or at public charging stations through a Type 2 connection. Regenerative braking enhances overall efficiency.

The Rodster prioritizes driver comfort with rack-and-pinion steering, retro-style seating with luggage storage, and a multi-function touchscreen display that can be customized with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, and a speaker system. Safety features include airbags, an immobilizer, ABS, power steering, traction control, a proprietary stabilization system, and a brake booster, all as standard options. Additional features like rear parking sensors, a four-spoke steering wheel, designer tires, and a range of interior and exterior color choices are available as optional extras.

With compact dimensions of 3,360 x 1,360 x 1,395 mm (132 x 53.5 x 55 in), inner-city parking is a breeze, and many drivers aged 16 and over in Europe can operate it with a Group B/B1 license.

The Patak Rodster is set to enter production towards the end of this year, with a production timeline estimated for August 2024. Reservations are currently open, requiring a €500 down payment to secure a spot in the queue.

The anticipated starting price for the electric variant is €22,900 (about US$24,140), while the gas-powered version will retail for €16,900. The first 300 models will be numbered, adding an exclusive touch to this modern reinterpretation of classic motoring.

Product page: Patak Rodster

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