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Couple Bought An Old School Bus And Transformed Into A Beautiful Movable House

Old US School Bus Transformed Into A Movable House

Most of us work all our life to build the house of our dream, right? However, there are those folks who do not want to settle down at one particular place and this young couple belonged to that group as well. The couple wanted their own home, however, didn’t want to be tied down. The result? They bought an old school US bus and transformed it into an home.

WPI Creative had taken the school bus and then transformed it into a home for the couple to reside in. As of now, it is in Cascade Mountains. A number of tweaks have been carried out on the bus. For instance, to make sure that the residents remain warm during winter, the bus has its own rustic wood burning stove while featuring lots of light and natural ventilation. It also movable windows and they can be opened if it begins to get too warm inside.

It has been lined using timber and comes with lot of shelving and storage that can be secured in the same way as it is done on a boat. The bus has also been fitted with a plumbing system that is functional. The best part? The couple can take their home anywhere they go!