Couple Buys An Old School Bus At Auction. What They Turned It Into Will Blow You Away


Jeremy and Mira Thompson wanted a great home for themselves but didn’t have the savings to buy one. Their wishes were heard when they saw an old beaten school bus on auction. You would never imagine, but they turned the school bus into a liveable home. It took the couple many years to complete the project, but the finished product is commendable. Jeremy designed the space and used his carpentry and mechanical skills, and gradually transformed the bus into an amazing custom built tiny house. Another amazing fact is that the bus still moves. Everything was carefully engineered so that it would hold together when the bus drives around.

While working within a budget, the couple stayed environmentally friendly. Douglas Fir flooring, cedar shingles, reclaimed wood for the ceiling and other areas were used to make their house beautiful. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever

A woman’s paradise, this snuggly little kitchen has a full size stove with plenty of cooking space and a fridge that accommodates all necessities. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever2

The decor on the inside will remind you of a 1900’s Craftsman style and what’s surprising is that most of the items were found at flea markets and garage sales. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever3

The utilization of the wheels is praiseworthy. One of the wheel wells support a love seat and the other supports a cast iron stove used to heat their home. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever4

The couple decided to keep their bed area on the ground floor and used the lofted area as a relaxing nook and reading corner. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever5

Since Jeremy is an avid guitarist, this lofted space gives his music a natural acoustics sound that the wood paneled ceiling carries. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever7 School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever8 School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever9

The Moroccan doorways, the lights, the greenery of the plants give the home a soft touch, making it look natural and very cozy.School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever6

The fridge and stove both run on propane. The stove was special order to fit from Amana, but the 1959 Frigidaire refrigerator fits perfectly. School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever10 School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever11 School Bus Home is The Best Home Ever12

Mira and Jeremy searched flea markets and garage sales for many of the decorative items inside and used reclaimed materials to keep the cost down. The craftsmanship and love that went into this micro-home emits passion and anyone who sees this home can tell that it’s their prized possession. Hit the share button if you find this COOL! 


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