Girl Collects Used Teabags For Months. What She Makes Out Of Them Will Blow You Away

Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!2

Red Hong Yi has become famous for making use of peculiar materials to create art. She goes by the nickname of Red and belongs to Malaysia. Her latest creation is a huge portrait of ‘the Tarik man’ also known as ‘tea seller’. Teh tarik means ‘pulled tea’ in Malay and is a common drink. It is a frothy, sweet and milky tea beverage. Red created the portrait using used teabags only.Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!3 Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!2

She used 20,000 teabags that she had collected and had them steeped in varying degrees of water to attain unique shades of brown. Food dye has been used for the darkest shades. The teabags went on to become affixed to the wire mesh panels in a particular order to come up with the image of teh tarik man. 10 different shades have been used in the whole project.

Teabags ArrangementTeabags and Art – Mind Blown!9

Individual stapling of teabags to wire grids was carried out in a precise order.Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!8

Wire panels being set-up.Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!7

The wire grids were made to hang from a frame that is wooden.Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!6 Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!5

The final touchesTeabags and Art – Mind Blown!4

You can see the canisters and a shaved ice machine located in the foreground – akin to coffee shops in Malaysia.

Here’s the complete Image.Teabags and Art – Mind Blown!

The project was created in Melbourne, Australia from where it was transported to Davos, Switzerland making its way to the World Economic Forum.

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