Chinese Entrepreneur Builds 600 Square Meter Floating Mansion On The Sea


A Chinese businessman spent one year and $61,000 to construct a wonderful, 600-square-foot floating home on the coast of Fujian province.

The guy of our story is a young successful businessman and is famous by his nickname, “Coastline,” as he grew up near the sea and spent most of his time fishing and witnessing the beautiful sunsets of Dongshan County, one of the large islands in the South China Sea.

The guy spent most of his spare time doing nothing else but fishing. He was always fascinated with the fishermen’s carefree lifestyle and had always desired to live the same way.

A night in 2018, when Coastline was vibing with one of his best friends, architect Dong Xinmeng, he started describing his idea of a perfect floating home. He desired such a home to visit and go fishing and have beers while reflecting on his life and plans.

One drink led to another, and by the end of their hangout, both the friends were firm on their plan of building the perfect floating home of coastline’s imagination.

Building a home on water was not an easy task. The platform bounced up and down as workers built it, and the strong winds added to worsen the conditions.

The firm structure was built with steel, and even though Coastline wanted to install as much glass as possible into the design, he was finally convinced that he had to cut looks for sturdiness and durability.

‘Coastline and his team of workers initially hooked up the place to the closest hydropower installation, but fishing boats crossing the cables unplugged them time and again. Over the course, the Coastline settled with the fishermen to try not to cut his cables.

The marvelous floating home retains its position with the help of 16 metal anchors, each weighing approximately a ton. If Coastline ever wants to move it, all he has to do is raise these anchors and have a powerboat tow the floating home to its new location.

The floating home is 600 square meters in size, giving it enough space both indoors and outdoors. The project total cost was nearly $61,000, which Coastline refers to as a great bargain, given the views and the peace he gets while spending his time on his outstanding floating marvel.

Coastline said that this investment is much cheaper than what I would have paid for a 600 square meters space in the city, and it wouldn’t have been this calm there, he added.

In a recent interview, Coastline said, “Whenever I came here, I disconnect from the stress and turmoil of my daily life. I spend my time doing what I enjoy the most, fishing and cooking whatever I catch.”

When the Covid-19 broke out in China, Coastline brought his wife and 2-year-old son to the floating house, and the family isolated themselves away from the rest of the world for 21 days. He and his two-year-old fished and drove around in a boat all day and watched movies together in the evening.

In the past September, Coastline started renting out his floating house to his friends and acquaintances, and there from the word spread further, and now he has to book himself the floating marvel beforehand if he ever wants to visit it. The place is already on the roll and has been booked for months from now already.

More and more water houses are becoming popular with time. Building these serene houses on the water is difficult, but the total cost is a lot less, which has attracted more people’s attention to such a lifestyle. And why wouldn’t be anyone is attracted? You get more for paying less. Sounds like a great deal.

Watch the video below and have a look at this great floating holiday house in China.


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