This Fairytale Castle Is Actually A Luxury Four-Star Hotel In China


There is an island in the middle of the Wanfeng lake in southwestern China, and it is home to one of the most beautiful 4-star hotel in the world. The structure isn’t only a four-star hotel; instead, it looks more of like a castle.

The magnificent structure known as the Jilong Castle Country Club was built in 2011. And is one of the rarest and most impressive sights of China. The attention to detail in its built and its location being surrounded by a lake and some beautiful mountains make it all breathtaking. It just looks like a real castle from the medieval era. However, you’ll find most of the structures that look like it in most European countries such as Germany and France.

Chinese have been known fond of European architecture, and they have done a great job in building this one. This somewhat gets a similar vibe to their country. The Jilong castle makes a great tourist attraction, and you can see why.

Unfortunately, people don’t know much about the Castle, other than the fact that it is a four-star hotel. However, Global Times reported that one night stay in this scenic place that appears like a castle costs $40 bucks.

As in reports, the stunning resort was built by a Chinese hydroelectric power magnate and is installed with its own hydroelectric plant that produces all the electricity used on the Jilong Castle.

As per Ctrip, the lone resort on Wanfeng Lake is usually associated with the Chinese version of Neuschwanstein Castle, the fairytale castle behind the story of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World.


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